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How children celebrate Christmas around the world…

La nostra bibliotecaria indiana, Shyamala, consultando tanti libri che sono sugli scaffali della Children’s Lending Library di Firenze, ha fatto un po' di ricerche per voi sul Natale dei bambini nel mondo ed ecco cosa ha trovato...
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Ve lo abbiamo tradotto paragrafo per paragrafo, così mamma e babbo possono leggere con voi bambini in inglese, oppure scaricare la versione in italiano.

Ci ritroviamo tutti il 10 gennaio, qui stesso posto! Non mancate!

How children celebrate Christmas around the world…
Come i bambini festeggiano il Natale nel mondo…

ENG: The birth of Jesus is celebrated as Christmas on 25th December by Christians all over the world. Christmas trees, sparkling lights and decorations are a part of the celebrations even in countries where majority of the people are not Christians.

ENG: In France the celebrations start on the 6th of December which is St.Nicholas day. Christmas day is a public holiday and the families gather for a big feast. Presents are exchanged. On Christmas eve the children leave their brightly polished shoes in front of the chimney for Father Christmas to fill it with sweets.

ENG: In Germany, the Christmas markets are set up in the weeks leading to Christmas on main squares in many cities. Even though houses may be decorated with ornaments and lights in early December, the Christmas tree is put up in homes only on the morning of Christmas eve. Celebrations here start on Christmas eve and shops close around lunch time on the 24th December.

ENG: In Norway, children wait for 'Jul' as that is what Christmas is called there. 'Julenisse' or the Norwegian Santa Claus brings presents for the children on Christmas eve.

ENG: The Icelandic children leave their shoes on the windowsill for Santa Claus or 'Juletide Lads' as he is called there to fill them with goodies. Christmas celebration start on Christmas eve and families get together and enjoy some good food. Many also attend the midnight mass.

ENG: In the UK most families have a Christmas tree and the decorating usually is a family occasion with everyone in the family helping. Children here believe that Santa Claus leaves presents in pillowcases or stockings and they are hung by the fireplace or by the children's bed on Christmas eve. Children also leave out brandy and mince pies for Santa to drink and eat when he visits them.

ENG: In the Philippines, people like to start early even though the actual celebrations start on the 16th December and continue on to the first Sunday in January when the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. There is a special tradition in the Philippines of having a 'parol' which is a Christmas star lantern on bamboo pole reminding the star of Bethlehem. The big feast here is on the midnight of Christmas eve and is called Noche Buena.

ENG: In Sri Lanka, the celebrations start on 1st December with people let off fireworks at dawn. Santa Claus is called Naththal Seeya. The streets and shopping centres are decorated and have large Christmas trees. Friends are family are invited for the Christmas meal at homes.

ENG: Australia being in the Southern Hemisphere has summer holidays in December. People join in Christmas picnics and sing carols on the beach. Australians decorate their gardens with Christmas trees and lights and hang wreaths on their front doors. They also decorate their homes with bunches of what they call the 'Christmas bush' which is a small tree with shiny red flowers. Santa Claus in Australia uses kangaroos or 'six white boomers' instead of reindeer and he also wears clothes which are more suitable for summer.

ENG: In Brazil 'Presepio' or nativity scenes are very popular at homes are churches. Christmas plays are also popular. Santa Claus also known as 'Papai Noel' travels all the way from Greenland to Brazil to give presents to children. It is summer in Brazil in December and very hot and so people like to go to the beach. Brazilian children leave a sock near the window for Papai Noel to exchange it for a present. Secret Santa is also a popular tradition in Brazil.

ENG: Christmas comes in summer in South Africa as it is in the Southern Hemisphere. People go camping, carol singing and enjoy a barbeque with their family on Christmas day. Traditional Christmas trees are decorated and children leave a stocking for Santa Claus to fill on Christmas Eve.

ENG: In the USA, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th and 26th of December. Because of its multicultural nature, the country has many different traditions. Houses are decorated with lights, Christmas trees, statues of Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen. Children leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus. People like to send out Christmas cards. People like to go to the Church and attend carol singing for Christmas.
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